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The PCA Book of Church Order, 7-2, states the following
regarding the officers of the church in our form of Presbyterian

The ordinary and perpetual classes of office in the Church are
elders and deacons. Within the class of elder are the two orders of
teaching elders and ruling elders. The elders jointly have the
government and spiritual oversight of the Church, including
teaching. Only those elders who are specially gifted, called and
trained by God to preach may serve as teaching elders. The office
of deacon is not one of rule, but rather of service both to the
physical and spiritual needs of the people.  In accord with
Scripture, these offices are open to men only.
The Session - Ruling and Teaching Elders
Tommy Clayton
Ruling Elder
Donald Stephens
Ruling Elder
Clerk of Session
Mike Bowen
Teaching Elder
George Ring
Ruling Elder
Clay Stith
Ruling Elder
Steve Simpson
Ruling Elder
Todd Ewing
Ruling Elder
Bill Wallace
Ruling Elder
The Deacon Board
Orville Fowler
Jim Wiley
Bill Roberts
Andy Hudgins
Benji French
Kelly Hehr
... the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord,
as the waters cover the sea.  -  Isaiah 11:9