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The small church with a big dream.
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Covenant Presbyterian Church was born out of a troublesome
shift in thinking within what was then called the
Presbyterian Church in
the United States (PCUS). Basic teachings of the church were being
ignored, watered down, or challenged. The PCUS was drifting away from
her solid traditional moorings toward more liberal views on a number of
issues, perhaps most damaging of all - a weakened view of Scripture.
eeking to stay faithful to the Biblical teachings of the Reformation, a
significant number of members
(quite possibly a majority) of Cynthiana
Presbyterian Church, located on Main Street, voted to break away from
the PCUS on May 22, 1973. They joined what later became known as the
Presbyterian Church in America, one of the fastest growing Presbyterian
denominations in the world (see the PCA web site:
Covenant Presbyterian Church was one of the founding churches in this
denomination and played a key role in the birthing of
Tates Creek
Presbyterian church in Lexington. Our current facility was built in 1974
one year after we separated from the PCUS.

We adhere to Biblical Christianity as most eloquently expressed in the
Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger (Part 1 and Part 2) and
Shorter Catechisms drafted at the height of the Protestant Reformation
by the Church’s greatest thinkers of the time.

We are a small church with a big dream!

Though we are a small church, Christ's Great Commission is our present
focus to bring us into the future. May we grow according to His will as we
remain faithful to His Word. Maybe He is calling you to take an active part
in this process. Come and visit us or
contact us via phone or e-mail.
... for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters
cover the sea. - Isaiah 11:9